About Us

Passion makes things possible

And its passion that brought The Women Store Team together.

Engineers, Techies, Nerds, Sales professionals, travel enthusiasts, designers, crafts persons  – each  qualified in our own fields of expertise, we bring in our craziness learnt through experience , to make the Team as vibrant as it can be. And together we make the team of The Women Store.

The idea is to make The Women Store a shopping experience. Where in a customer can order merchandise that is in their mind and has never been in the market.

What ties this vibrant team together is

·       Entrepreneurial zeal

·       An eye for Fashion and its trends

·       An attitude of providing solutions

The fashion industry has grown by leaps and clothing lines and websites are in-numerous. You search for 1 and you get 10. But still, custom made is a matter of luxury. And it is here that we are inclined to make a difference.

The Women Store wants to make custom made/ tailored/ designed - a possibility and not a matter of luxury.